ATTENTION: To work the v.1.0 gadget you want installed components WMI SNMP Provider.

Install SNMI ProviderTo install the SNMP Provider (for Windows 7/Vista) for only for SNMP Network Monitor Gadget v1.0:
* 1. From the Control Panel, select Programs.
* 2. Under Programs and Features, select Turn Windows features on or off.
* 3. In the Windows features list, scroll down to SNMP feature and expand the list so that you can see WMI SNMP Provider.
* 4. Select the check box for WMI SNMP Provider. The check box for SNMP feature is selected automatically because the provider requires SNMP.
* 5. Click OK.
* 6. From a command prompt or the Start menu, run Services.msc and ensure that the SNMP service is started. (usually the default)